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It's Fun to Haggle (Process)
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1. You may select a product either from those featured in the page or from product category.
2. Fill the Quantity and your offer in the respective boxes.
3. Hit the Bargain button or click on the picture.
4. System will respond with a message and a counter offer.
5. The next page will appear with thumbnail views, regular view and the haggling counter.
6. Respond with a fresh offer equal to or higher than your earlier bid.
7. Follow the haggling process detailed below
8. The system will either accept the price or respond with a fresh offer.
9. Cursor to thumbnail - corresponding regular picture appears
10. If the price is agreed upon within six such interactions the deal will be closed.
11. Cursor to the regular picture. Zoomed image will appear in the counter box.
12. You will be prompted to hit the Add to Cart button.
13. Move the cursor away from the regular view, the counter reappears.
14. Session terminates if the deal is not closed within six interactions.
15. Tap the Start button to activate the counter and haggle
16. Continue shopping or check the shopping bag. Check out to payment page.
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